Best Defence Martial Arts Classes

Mixed Martial Arts is essentially the practice of combining the most effective Martial Arts skills from all disciplines including kicking, punching, wrestling, submissions and more. This means that as an MMA gym we can teach you the techniques and tactics that will equip you with the skills needed for modern Self Defence scenarios.

IMG_0223In our ‘Best Defence’ classes we focus on how to utilise MMA techniques for the street and we do it all in a safe and friendly environment that’s great for Men and Women and kids from 8 years and up. Because the emphasis is on Self Defence in these classes we cover many aspects that wouldn’t feature in our standard MMA classes like body language, confrontation control and scenario based drills.

Naturally because of the physical nature of the techniques and drills there is also a fantastic workout aspect to training in the Best Defence classes, if you want an incredibly enjoyable way to get yourself mentally and physically stronger then these classes are for you.

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