The lost videos!

Finally the videos from the February 14th Amateur competition at ZT Fightskool are online, featuring the classic final between are very Charlie Simmons and John Cann!

Also dug out from the archives is the controversial Gold medal fight featuring John Cann from April 2009, John was up against a Light Heavyweight in the final despite being a Middleweight as there were not enough Light Heavyweights to make a division. The fight was declared a draw after one round and so another round was contested. After the second round the fight was still deemed to be a draw but John’s opponent was too tired to continue, John wanted to fight another round. Instead of the fight being awarded to John as his opponent couldn’t continue (and the fact that he was a Light Heavyweight!) the referee was called upon to make the final decision and he declared John’s opponent the winner.

Was John robbed of a well deserved victory (look out for his opponent tapping out as the final whistle blew) you decide..

[tubepress video=”h4TXQR6Gnac”]

3 thoughts on “The lost videos!”

  1. These videos weren’t lost…I filmed the fights, uploaded them to Youtube and they have been sat on my computer ever since..!!

    Sorry Lee, I i had known you were looking for them I would have sent them over to you straight away!


  2. The only thing that was actually ‘lost’ about them was that I hadn’t got round to uploading them myself. Hopefully I’ll keep getting these things up as quickly as I have been recently..

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