New Ultimate Memberships!

We’re pleased to announce that from July we’ll be introducing our new Ultimate Membership options for those of you who want to make our new facility their second home! We know that many of you have been itching to get involved in the CrossFit sessions downstairs and now you can hang out equally in both areas. There will be two combined offerings, one that allows you to do absolutely everything and one that is focussed on the fitness and conditioning classes at the facility. The Ultimate package will be £90 per month so for just £15 extra on our Gold membership you can enjoy all the benefits of the functional strength and conditioning classes and equipment on offer downstairs from our MMA studio. The Ultimate Fitness package will be just £50 per month and will allow you to attend any of the PRO MAI or CrossFit fitness based classes on the timetable.

This is a fantastic offer and gives serious students the opportunity to push their training to a whole new level so please let us know if you’re interested and we’ll get your membership upgraded.

See our Membership and Fees section for more details…

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