Meet The Coaches

The quality of the coaching staff at PRO MAI is key to our success, we believe we provide some of the best Mixed Martial Arts instruction on the market. MMA is a highly technical sport and it requires a highly intelligent approach, our instructors use their vast experience and passion to provide top quality instruction and the right environment to promote learning. It’s not just about getting MMA training, it’s about getting an MMA education.

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Lee Aylett

Head Coach & Chief Instructor

Lee Aylett is the Head Coach and Founder of PRO MAI MMA. He has an extensive background in Martial Arts and Self Defence training with over thirty years experience as a student and more than twenty years as an instructor.

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Rich Cranny

Head Coach & Founder of the Wimp 2 Warrior Programme

Rich Cranny is the Head Coach of PRO MAI in Australia and is a pioneer for MMA in Australia. He has over 20 years experience in both the UK and Australia and is the mastermind behind the highly successful Wimp 2 Warrior programme – a reality show that turns ordinary people into MMA fighters.

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Joe Bennett

Senior MMA Coach & Chief Instructor

Joe Bennett has over 15 years experience and 10 years as an instructor. He’s still actively fighting in the UK and is known for his incredible work ethic and spirit. Joe is one of our senior MMA coaches and instructs the MMA 360 class, a drills and sparring based class designed to bring all the aspects of MMA together.

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Mike Aylett

Chief Instructor – Self Defence

Mike Aylett is president of PRO MAI and the founder of our Self Defence programme, with more than 40 years in Martial Arts his experience is second to none. In his time as Chief Instructor he has promoted hundreds of student’s to the level of Black Belt including many of our most successful MMA fighters.

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Pete ‘The Gentleman’ Brown

MMA Instructor

Pete is a highly successful Pro fighter and a product of the PRO MAI youth system. He’s trained in PRO MAI since he was 8 years old and is the epitome of a Mixed Martial Artist with technique, strength and heart in equal measure. He’s taught MMA at both gym in Sydney, Australia and now at our UK academy. Pete instructs the MMA Weekender class that takes full advantage of both his experience as an instructor and his love of training.

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Milad ‘Milzy’ Mahmoodi

Strength & Conditioning Coach and Assistant MMA coach

Milad is a Professional MMA fighter and has trained in PRO MAI MMA for over 5 years. He has a background in Wrestling, Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Power Lifting and it’s this talent for the physical conditioning aspects of MMA that have earned him the role of strength & conditioning coach. Milzy teaches the ULTIMATE FITNESS class and is responsible for the conditioning for all of our active fighters.


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