Kids, Youth & Teen Martial Arts MMA & Fitness Classes

Our vision for the PRO MAI MMA Academy from the start was to inspire and motivate as many people as possible by exposing them to the amazing benefits of training in a Mixed Martial Arts Class. This now includes showing how MMA based training can be safe, fun and beneficial to boys and girls as young as 5.


Our Little Warriors junior classes combine fun, fitness and Martial Arts all in one class for boys and girls from ages 5-8. The classes are held during term times at our full time Martial Arts Academy in Feltham, West London. The class is very different from the usual Karate, Tae Kwon Do or Kung Fu class, it’s not just an adult syllabus given to kids in the hope that they will learn something.

The class covers a mixture of Martial Art skills including, striking, wrestling and self defence and because the class has been designed specifically for this age range so it’s easy to digest and it’s delivered in a really fun and high energy format. We believe that as well as the practical self defence skills we will be able to deliver real improvements in strength, fitness, balance & co-ordination, confidence and discipline.

If you would like to get your son or daughter involved in our fantastic Junior Martial Arts Programme then the first step is to enrol in one of our induction courses that happen around the beginning of each school term. These induction courses are designed to help new students learn all the basic skills they need to get involved in our Little Warriors classes. The course lasts for 10 weeks and they take new students step by step through a very specific set of lessons and skills to help them feel confident and comfortable with the training.

Once your son/daughter has completed the induction course they will be eligible to continue training as part of our ongoing Little Warriors MMA training programme and they can continue to progress through the ranks.

The next induction course begins on Wednesday Jan 23rd/30th 2019 and we’re taking bookings for this course now.

If you are interested in reserving a place for your son/daughter then just fill in this form and we’ll get back to you with more details.

MMA Future – Youth & Teen MMA Classes for 9-14 years

junior MMA classesOur youth classes are called ‘MMA Future’ as we help young boys and girls and teenagers to experience Mixed Martial Arts classes in a safe and friendly environment. MMA is an incredibly technical sport and requires a huge amount of application and discipline from its students consequently any young person learning Mixed Martial Arts experiences a lot of growth in many aspects. We’re confident that we’ll be able to help anyone in the 9-14 age range to reach their full potential both physically and mentally.



Our younger students are able to see their progress by entering into our unique testing system. At the end of each term students can attend ‘grading’ days where they get an opportunity to be tested against our Junior MMA syllabus. These get progressively more challenging all the way up to Black belt!

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